The Story

Welcome one and all! It’s safe to say 2020 wasn’t the best for any of us around the globe – especially not for charities like ours. Here at the Lady Garden Foundation we wanted to get the New Year off to the best start – raising much-needed funds for the charity as well as getting fit and healthy in the process.

So this March we are going VIRTUAL with the Lady Garden 2021 Challenge and we would love you to spread the word about this epic fundraiser wherever you can.

The best thing about this plan is we are not constricted to 500 entries just within the grounds of Hyde Park. We can go global. So your best friend Down Under, your Auntie and Uncle in the States or even your school pal over in Dubai can join forces with the Foundation wherever they live and make a huge difference.

Also, unlike the Lady Garden Runs of yesteryear - people will now be able to enter as a solo entry OR work in teams to raise funds. Something we also want to encourage is the building of a community – This has always been at the heart of the Lady Garden Foundation with any of its ventures.

This challenge isn’t just about the money raised – it’s a movement for us all. Logging our distances, logging our sponsorship efforts and the social media coverage – we want everyone to feel part of the Challenge. No doubt there will be hundreds of newly born What’s App groups to encourage, support and educate people on why we are doing it too.

So what’s the plan? Run, walk, swim or crawl 100k over the month of March 2021 as a solo competitor, cover 50km if you are a little’un, OR run, crawl, swim or walk 250k as a six-person team. Not only will this get us all out the house during what’s one of the hardest months it will fill you with endorphins, keep you fit and healthy in the dregs of a winter pandemic and raise much-needed funds for the Foundation.

Do your part by entering the Challenge and join us in the battle against gynaecological cancers. We thank you in advance!

The Lady Garden Foundation Founders and Committee Members x

“Together we aim to research, diagnose, educate and ultimately cure gynaecological cancers in our lifetime. It’s time for us all to group together and fight for our cause as women.”

Lady Garden Foundation Co-Founder Chloe Delevingne

“Our ethos has always been run, walk or crawl your way to achieving a distance in the Lady Garden Run. So for the 2021 Lady Garden Challenge we want our friends to set themselves a target to achieving a phenomenal health kick, a distance to be proud of and an opportunity to raise much-needed funds. Let’s get fit, boost our immune system and stay healthy TOGETHER in 2021.”

Lady Garden Foundation Co-Founder Jenny Halpern Prince